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Top 12 video trimmer apps for cutting and editing videos

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There’s no doubt that creating and consuming more video content is on the rise; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this process is getting any easier. 

It’s common to end up with unwanted scenes or a video that's just too long to share on social media or with family and friends.

The point of making and sharing videos is to get people to watch. If the important and interesting parts of the footage are surrounded by irrelevant content, people will grow bored. Many will abandon the video before they get to see what it is really about.

Whether you're a video marketer, content creator, or just someone who loves to share fun videos you found online with your network, you must present your videos in the best light. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time getting the engagement you seek.

One of the most efficient ways to increase the captivating quality of your videos is to shave off a few scenes from the start or end.

Fortunately, you don't need fancy equipment or any editing skills to manage this task. What you need is the right video editing software.

In this post, we're going to look at the best video trimmer apps and tools that you can use to whip your clips into shape.

Also, we're going to cover what to consider when selecting a video trimmer, the advantages of using trimming software, and how you can divide large videos into easily shareable pieces.

Let's begin.

Top 3 Video Trimmer Apps for Windows

If you use a Windows device and you're looking to make a few tweaks to shorten the length of your videos, we've rounded up the best professional-quality video trimmer apps for you below.  

1. Keevi Video Cutter

Keevi Video Cutter allows you to trim your videos effortlessly on your Windows PC to remove the parts you don’t want and keep relevant sections. The tool is completely free to use and highly intuitive so you don’t need to spend time learning how the program works before you can start using it.

This software not only trims and cuts video files but also does so without compromising the original quality of your video. Keevi accepts video files in any format. It can help you resize your video to suit the specific upload requirements of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Keevi can also be used to cut and join video files, add music to your clips, or insert images, stickers, and GIFs to make your content more fun. If you want to perform additional editing tasks like cropping, removing sounds, captioning, or subtitling your footage so viewers can enjoy it without sound, Keevi is right there with you.

Other impressive features that Keevi offers include the option to add text, animations, stickers, emojis, and change the background color of your videos.

Keevi is an online video software so you don’t have to waste any time downloading, installing, and configuring the program. You can simply launch the editor and get to work right away. 

After editing, you can download your trimmed video to your device or easily share them directly on various social media sites.

Pros Cons
It comes with advanced editing options with various editing modes to match your skill level. Free version videos are watermarked by Filmora
Supports all the popular video and audio formats The price tag for the paid plan is quite steep.
It’s simple and effective to use.

2. Bandicut Video Cutter

Bandicut is another video cutter app that works great for Windows. You can use it to shorten a large file by trimming the beginning or end of your video, or cutting out unwanted parts entirely and joining the leftover portions.

With Bandicut, you’ll be able to retain the quality of your video after editing. The app supports many video formats and is pretty straightforward to use. It shouldn’t take you long to figure out how things work and start using this tool to transform your videos.

Although Bandicut is free to use, the free version only supports MOV, AVI, and MP4 files. So if the video you want to trim is in any other format, you’ll just have to pay to use this software.

The app can also help with extracting MP3 files from your clips. After you’re done editing, you can convert your video into different formats and upload the finished work straight to YouTube or Vimeo.

Pros Cons
It gives you lots of flexibility and control when editing. It’s very expensive compared to other editing programs.
You get a professional range of features. It takes a while to launch and initialize the software.
Supports popular media formats

3. Wondershare Filmora9

If you’re a video editing novice or semi-professional, you’ll feel right at ease with the Wondershare Filmora9.

It only takes a few minutes to get a hang of the tool and the user interface is simple enough for anyone to use without running into issues.

With Wondershare Filmora9, you can trim, cut, or split your video project down to the desired length and preview the changes before saving the final product.

Beyond that, the app lets you remove unwanted sounds, flip your clips, adjust speed, tune colors, and import videos directly from social media.

You can crop video effects, stock images, sound effects, and music to spice up your videos from Filmstock effects’ online media library.

Although Wondershare Filmora offers all its editing features for free, the exported video will contain a watermark. The only way to get rid of this watermark is to subscribe to the annual plan at $39.99 or pay a one-time fee of $69.99.

Pros Cons
It comes with advanced editing options with various editing modes to match your skill level. Free version videos are watermarked by Filmora
Supports all the popular video and audio formats The price tag for the paid plan is quite steep.
It’s simple and effective to use.

Top 3 Apps for Trimming Videos On Mac

Want to make your videos more vibrant and shareable? 

Like we mentioned earlier, the Keevi Video Cutter also works on all Mac devices. It’s an online tool so you won’t need to install any third-party applications to edit videos on your Mac. Just open your browser and everything will be set.

In addition to Keevi, the following tools were designed to help you accomplish all that and more on your Mac device.  

1. Camtasia

The app’s simple drag and drop editor makes trimming and cutting aspects of your video a cakewalk.

You can use Camtasia’s pre-made animations to add that extra zing to your footage. Their media library is full of royalty-free music that you can insert into specific scenes.

Camtasia also lets you add closed captions to your video files so that anyone can understand the message you’re trying to pass across.

It supports chroma-keying and instant uploads to various video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, and Screencast.

You can take the app for a test drive for 30 days after which you’ll have to pay a one-time access fee of $249.99 to keep using it.

Although Camtasia has a slight learning curve, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to figure out. And if you run into any problems while using the application, there are tons of tutorials, guides, and training videos that can help you overcome video editing obstacles.

Pros Cons
It gives you lots of flexibility and control when editing. It’s very expensive compared to other editing programs.
You get a professional range of features. It takes a while to launch and initialize the software.
Supports popular media formats

2. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

Gihosoft is an easy-to-use app for trimming and cutting your videos on Mac. Once you download it, it’ll take you a few minutes to set it up and begin adjusting as many videos as you like.

All you have to do is launch the app, upload your video, set a start and end time, then hit OK to cut the file and keep the relevant portion.

Gihosoft supports key video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, FLC, MPEG, MKV, and VOB. It also has extra features such as precise spin buttons and video preview.

The program offers lossless editing so you can convert your files from one format to another without needing to re-render the video.

Pros Cons
Free to use You can’t join clips after editing, you need to download another Gihosoft app for that.
No watermarks on exported videos Limited editing options
Simple interface

3. Joyoshare Media Cutter

Easily and quickly trim, cut, and merge any type of video with Joyoshare Media Cutter. With this application, you don’t have to worry about your video quality being compromised during editing.

Joyoshare allows you to add special effects, adjust aspect brightness, contrast, aspect ratio, and perform a host of other editing functions.

If you want, you can convert your videos into different formats, rotate clips, add watermarks, subtitles, and preview your changes as you go. You can even record screens and audio, then edit them to get the desired effect.

The app’s interface is intuitive and easy to use even if you have zero experience with video editing and cutting tools. It runs on every version of Mac, old or new.

Joyoshare is free to use for one month. If you like what you get, you can continue using the app to edit your videos by paying $39.95 for an annual subscription. Alternatively, you can make a one-time purchase of $55.95 to get access for life.

Pros Cons
Free and timely technical support for registered users It’s a bit pricey
Advanced editing abilities
High-speed conversion
Rich video format support

Top 3 Video Trimmer Tools for Android

A lot more people are using their mobile phones to create and consume video content these days. And it’s far more convenient to edit those videos on their mobile phones than transferring them to a desktop for editing. Here are some powerful apps to shorten videos that work splendidly on Android devices.

1. KineMaster

This mobile video cutter is for those who enjoy perfection and like to have control over every part of the editing process. KineMaster allows you to trim and chop off specific sections from your clip frame with frame-by-frame precision.

When it comes to layering your videos, KineMaster offers more room for your creativity to run wild. You can add multiple layers of images, text, graphics, and special effects on top of your footage until you achieve the outcome you want.

With KineMaster, you can easily change the brightness, color, and speed of your videos. It even allows you to separate and edit your audio before combining it with your clip so the process is a lot easier to manage.

You can create text, background music, images, and special effects to make your videos more entertaining with KineMaster. The app also offers green screen support and video playback for up to 9 videos at a time. 

However, if you want to enjoy KineMaster’s full features without any restrictions, be prepared to shell out $4.99 or $39.99 for a monthly or annual subscription. The app is available for download on Google Play.

Pros Cons
Comprehensive editing features Might take a while to figure out how to use the software
Elegant interface and seamless performance Some features and effects are not accessible to users for free
Fine-tuning abilities aren’t up to professional standards
All videos edited with the free version of the app are watermarked with KineMaster’s logo.

2. BeeCut

This application enables you to reduce the length of your videos by trimming off the beginning or end, or by cutting your video into parts and removing the unnecessary sections.

With BeeCut, you can speed up your videos so it uses up a shorter time. The timeline layer feature allows you to drag and drop video, text, images, audio, and other media into the exact point in the timeline that you want them to appear.

Other features you can get on BeeCut include video positioning, transitions, music, voiceover, highlighting, blurring, and video stabilization.

You can customize everything from subtitles to text, color, intros, fonts, effects, and audio to suit your specific vision. The app supports various aspect ratios so you can select the one that suits the medium you intend to publish the trimmed video on.

Edited videos can be shared directly on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and other social channels.

Access to BeeCut’s basic editing features like trimming and cutting is free. To unlock advanced features, you can choose to pay $12.95 monthly, $39.95 yearly, or opt for a one-time payment of $79.95.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and well-suited for all editing purposes The price tags for the paid app are a bit high.
Tons of guides and tutorials to help you make the most of your visual projects

3. VEdit Video Cutter and Merger

VEdit works great for cutting, trimming, and merging if you’re dealing with smaller videos and you don’t require professional-level editing.

You can cut down the length of your footage very easily, change audio, remove unwanted sounds, and convert your clips into audio files in mp3 format. VEdit also makes it possible to join unlimited videos into one file.

This android video cutter accepts most of the common video formats including FLV, MP4, MPEG, and FLV.

Make sure you make a copy of your video file and upload that copy when you use VEdit. This is because if your battery dies while you’re making an edit, the app will corrupt it. To keep from damaging your original files, always use a copy.

Pros Cons
Free to use Not ideal for cutting large files
Edited videos don’t contain VEdit’s watermarks Software sometimes fails to save the edited video
Precision trimming Files may become corrupted if the program gets shut down while running

Top 3 Video Cutter Apps for iOS

If you like shooting or downloading videos on your iPhone, there’ll come a time when you need to trim the clips down to the footage you want. To make this task easier, we’ve selected a few of the best trim video apps out there that you can use. Download them from the app store and start creating outstanding videos.

1. Magisto

Magisto is designed by the famous video platform, Vimeo. It’s an easy-to-use app that lets you reduce the length of your videos without affecting the quality. The app uses AI to detect the most interesting parts of your video and apply professional edits that help the footage come alive.

It’s a great video editing app for anyone who works with videos and needs a simple tool to help them transform their clips. Magisto doesn’t have a learning curve. It may take you less than an hour to understand how the program works and start putting it to good use.

They have editing templates for different types of videos and they’re accompanied by music suggestions. If you’re an editing novice and you don’t know how to give your videos a facelift, Magisto will come in handy.

In addition to cutting, trimming, and merging videos, Magisto boasts of other features like auto-crop, stabilization, video filters, analytics, video capture, animation, speed adjustment, pre-made templates, and direct sharing across several platforms, and more.

You can try Magisto out for free for 7 days. If you want to keep using it after that, you can pay for the app’s premium plan ($9.99/mo), professional plan ($19.99/mo), or business plan ($69.99).

Pros Cons
Large media catalogs to select from Limited customization options
AI makes editing simpler and faster Canceling your free trial and subscription is a hassle
Intuitive interface Free plans are very limited
The pricing is not quite affordable

The pricing is not quite affordable

2. LumaFusion

Another iOS app you can use to shorten videos is LumaFusion. The software is one of the most powerful mobile video editors ever built. It comes packed with the usual functions like trim, cut, and merge.

Also, the application lets you mix/edit audio tracks, speed up clips to make them appear shorter, change dimensions, and layer images, video, and audio.

It also provides the option to add transitions, undo/redo edits, and a bunch of UI templates that make it easier to create beautiful, professional-looking videos, while saving time and effort.

LumaFusion is ideal for those who already have some video editing experience. Beginners may have a hard time understanding how the program works.

The app costs $29.99 to use.

Pros Cons
Easily customizable Some features are complicated and hard to figure out
Feature-rich The price point is too costly, especially for people who aren't professional videographers or vloggers.

3. Splice

Whether you want to edit videos and upload them to YouTube or share them with friends and family, the Splice video editor can help you accomplish this task effortlessly.

Splice allows you to trim out unwanted scenes from your clip and focus on the most exciting and relevant moments.

Cutting the parts of your video that are unnecessary will enable you to create a smoother, more engaging visual experience. 

After trimming your videos, you can add music, transitions, effects, change aspect ratios, and upload your files directly to social media platforms with Splice.

Splice offers a free trial, after which you'll have to pay $2.99/week to keep using it.

Pros Cons
It has an extensive media library The trim and cut functions aren't as precise as they should be
Supports direct uploads Edits can only be done in portrait mode
Easy to use for basic projects It's more costly than other options

How to Choose a Video Trimming App

Your video trimming software can be the difference between creating videos that look professional and videos that look tacky.

Video editors come in a wide range of features and pricing and you don't have to settle for just anyone. You want an editing tool that suits your needs and purposes. Here are the most important factors you need to take into consideration when selecting a trimming tool:

  • Supports multiple video formats — You want a tool that supports all or most video formats, especially the ones you intend to use.
  • Has robust editing features — Some video trimming apps will help cut and trim your videos, but won't do much else. It's always best to choose a tool that offers other special and advanced functions. After all, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
  • High upload and export speed — How fast does the application work? Do you have to wait around for hours for your files to be uploaded, converted, and exported successfully? A good video cutter should be able to complete these tasks in no time. 
  • Affordability — How much can you afford to spend on a video editor? If you're just playing around or editing videos for personal use, then free software might do. But if you can afford to pay for a full-range editor, go for it.
  • Ease of use — Some video trimmers have complex interfaces that will take weeks or months to master. If you don't have that kind of patience, you'll be better off with a tool that's simple and intuitive.

Why Trim Videos?

Trimming helps to remove irrelevant and needless footage from the beginning or end of a video. This can in turn makes the video engaging and keep viewers hooked from scene to scene. Trimming ensures that only the key moments of your clip are available for consumption.

It saves the viewer's time and keeps their attention on what matters. It also makes it possible for you to reduce large files and make them shareable online, especially on social media channels that have specific video requirements. 

Benefits of Using Video Trimming Software

When you consider how much it'd cost you to hire a video editor or editing service to fix your videos, you can begin to appreciate how advantageous editing software is. Cost-saving benefits aside, there's a lot you stand to gain from using video trimming tools, such as:

  • The ability to make compelling, eye-catching videos.
  • You can cut up a large file by dividing it into smaller pieces.
  • The power to convert videos to different formats.
  • Saves time, effort, and boosts your productivity.
  • Easily customize videos and add your personal touch to make your message unique and poignant.
  • You can create videos from the comfort of your home or anywhere without going into too much trouble.

How to cut large video files into smaller pieces

Cutting a big video file into sizable bits is a straightforward and painless process with the Keevi video editor. All it requires is following a few easy steps:

  1. Open your browser, go to the Keevi Video Editor and click Get Started to launch the video editor studio.

  1. Drag and drop the video you want to cut into the box, copy and paste a link to import the video from YouTube, or select the file from your video library.

  1. Move the sliders from the beginning or end of the clip to mark the area you want to cut or trim from then click Split to finalize the action. Use the other editing functions to add subtitles, images, text, music stickers, change your video resolution, and transform your footage however you like.

  1. Click Export to save your edited video to your device or share it online.

If you have a large file and you want to split it into sizable pieces, you need to take some smart measures to ensure that you get it done right and fast.

  1. Figure out the number of parts your video will be split into — Before you start cutting, you need to decide how many pieces you want your file to get split into. The length of your video and the purpose of splitting should be considered when making this decision.
  2. Pinpoint the right places to cut your video — If you use a smart video cutter like Keevi that uses AI to split your files intelligently into coherent pieces, this step won't be necessary. Otherwise, you need to identify the points from which you want your video to be split.
  3. Use your video trimmer to cut the file — At this step, you need to launch your video editor, upload the video, and use the split function to divide it into as many parts as you desire.
  4. Export and encode your video — Once you’re done editing, the next thing to do is export and save your file. Depending on the video trimmer you chose, you might need to re-encode your video first before saving it.

What’s the difference between trimming, cropping, and splitting a video?

Trimming is the act of shortening the length of a video by removing segments from the head and tail ends of the file to make it more aesthetically and logically pleasing.

On the other hand, cutting is a way of trimming that involves taking out specific sections from your clip and deleting them or saving them to be used later. After cutting out a portion of a video, you’ll need to merge the remaining parts to make a whole video.

Finally, splitting refers to the action of cutting a clip into two or more parts and saving all those parts separately or keeping only the portion you intend to use and erase the rest.

The core difference between the three is that trimming is done from either or both ends, while cutting is done from the middle or any other part, and splitting divides the video into parts and keeps all the parts intact.

How to trim videos on mobile without using tools

It's possible to trim videos directly on your mobile phones with the in-built tools and without having to download third-party software. The problem with this method is that you can only perform basic editing functions. If you want to make fancy edits, you'll just have to rely on a third-party tool.

To trim videos with your native mobile app, follow the instructions below.

For Android:

  1. Open the default video player app on your device.
  2. Find the video you want to trim and play it.

  1. Locate the menu button on your screen and press it to open the video settings menu.
  2. Select Edit, Editor, or Trim (depending on what it's called on your device) from the list of options.

  1. Use your finger to move the slider from the beginning and/or end of your video until you reach your desired start/end time.

  1. Trim and tap Save to store the edited video.

For iOS:

  1. Open the Photos app and select the clip you want to trim.


  1. Press Edit in the bottom-right area of your screen.
  2. A video timeline will appear. Use the arrows on the left and right to adjust the video's start and stop points.


  1. Preview your video by tapping the Play button.
  2. If you're satisfied with the trim, tap Done, followed by Save Video or Save Video as New Clip to store the edited file.

Does Trimming Reduce Video Quality?

The truth is that it’s possible for trimming to slightly diminish the quality of a video. The extent of the loss in video quality will be determined by factors like frame size, bitrate, and resolution.

However, if you’re using a powerful video trimming software like the Keevi Video Cutter, you won’t have to put up with any quality loss after trimming your videos. The original quality of your footage will be maintained no matter how many edits you perform or what formats you convert the file into.


There you go! The best video trimmer apps for editing your videos on any device.

It only takes a few minutes to clean up your videos or cut them down to manageable sizes. But this simple action can take your videos to the next level and help you attract more viewers. 

Ready to transform your visual storytelling? Head over to the Keevi Studio to unlock the true potential of your footage.

Hammad Akbar
Hammad Akbar
June 7, 2021