About Keevi

Repurpose your content in many different formats with Keevi

This is why we do it

Before Keevi started in 2019, if you wanted to distribute and monetize videos online, you had to stitch multiple software solutions together and hope for the best. This was not only cumbersome, but also time consuming and very expensive. We decided to fix this by building an all-in-one platform.
Fast forward to today, Keevi is a robust video monetization and distribution platform, and an industry leader. Our team of over 70 amazing individuals located all around the world helps over 11,000 creators, brands, and businesses monetize videos and make money doing what they love.

Create and Repurpose Beautiful Content...

So here is the deal….

In April 2020, in the second month of Covid lockdown I finally started my podcast. I'd been thinking about it for a while (a few years actually) but just never got time. 

When I finally started, like anything I started, I went heavy and recorded 20 episodes within 2 months. 

Amazing Guests...We managed to record Great Content. 

In hindsight this was probably one of the best things I had done in my career:

  • I was speaking to great people. Building relationships and learning from them. 
  • We would promote the episodes heavily so guests would get a lot of value. 
  • Our audience would get great content. 

It was win, win, win for everyone involved. 

Then when it came to getting the content published ready….. Dang!

Few things dawned on me:

  • Editing content is very difficult and time consuming. 
  • We had great content. Most of it was recorded as video. It was very difficult to repurpose that content into different formats for different channels. 
  • Best we could do with our resources would be use the content for only a handful of channels. 

And I had a team working with me. Even then we did not have enough resources to get content out fast enough….Let alone repurpose it for maximum exposure. 

The way I look at it:

  • Creating Fresh and Great content is SUPER HARD! 
  • Once you have created it, making sure your content gets eyeballs is equally hard. Such a shame that your content doesn't get the exposure it deserves..

That is why we started working on Keevi. 

I want Great Content Fast.  I want to be able to Convert that content in many different formats... I want to get Maximum eyeballs on my content…

So the promise of Keevi is simple:

  • Search for Great content. 
  • Repurpose that content in many formats.
  • Distribute your repurposed content on many channels automatically..

All of that should be done within minutes…..

It's a Big project so we are launching in increments. We have just launched Keevi Studio. Go check it out.

Video creation made easy

Keevi is sublimely simple to use and contains all the footage, animations, and templates you’ll ever need. See in the below video how does the Keevi tool works.