Combine Videos Using Our Powerful Video Combiner

Combining two videos into one is easy peasy if you have the right tool—Keevi. 

Keevi lets you merge videos online using a free but powerful video editing tool.

You can use our video joiner to trim or cut parts of a video. Once you have the parts you want to keep, merge them with another video and download the final version on your PC. 

You also get the option to share the merged video directly with your social media following.

Combine Gif Now!

How to Combine GIFs With Free Video Merger in 3 Steps  

There’s no need to invest in expensive video joiner software to combine videos. You can merge videos online in 3 simple steps using Keevi.

Keevi allows you to combine two videos you have saved on your PC. 

You can also upload one video from the PC and combine it with one of the many royalty-free stock videos available on Keevi’s in-built library. Or extract a video from YouTube.

Keevi’s powerful videomerger lets you combine your favorite videos into one piece. 

You can merge 5 small videos to make one long video.

Or combine clips from different videos into one.

You can merge the best parts of multiple takes of your recording into one perfect video.

Our video combiner also makes it easier to create:

Merged GIFs, Reaction videos, Highlight videos, Tutorials 

Once you merge video files, perfect them by using Keevi’s powerful customization features.

Upload your Videos

Our online video joiner provides plenty of ways to upload your video:  

  • Source a video from your PC. Click on “Browse” or drag and drop your file.
  • Extract a video from YouTube. Insert the video’s URL in the space provided.   
  • Use a stock video. Choose from the thousands of royalty-free videos in the in-built library.
  • Record. Create a video using the in-built cam recorder and screen recorder.

Keevi supports most video file formats.

You can merge videos in MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, WebM, DAT, MKV, QT, WMV, and plenty of other formats.

The video you upload will appear on the timeline.

Edit and Merge Videos

Add one more or as many videos as you need to tell your story. 

Select “Add Media” then “‘Add Video.” The videos will appear on the timeline alongside the first video.

Hit play, and the videos will play simultaneously as it happens in reaction videos.

Drag and drop the sub-tracks across the timeline to have a designated start and end time for each video. This helps you arrange the video clips in the order you want them to play. 

You can crop any of the videos into short clips using two methods:

  • Click the handles on the edges of the video’s sub-track and drag inwards to trim it.
  • Select the video’s sub-track and edit the start and end times on the panel.  

Our online video combiner will merge the short clips.   

Make further edits by:

  • Adding text-Click “Text” and type in the text box.
  • Adding an image overlay-Tap “Add Media” and upload an image from your PC or use one of the stock images.   
  • Adding emojis-Click stickers and add as many emojis as you need.
  • Add audio-You can add background music to your video. Click “Add Media” and select “Add Audio.”  

Take an extra step and change the format and layout of your videos depending on how you want to use the merged video. 

Click “Settings,” and under Project Settings, change the aspect ratio.

Keevi provides predefined settings for social media. You can choose to have your videos optimized for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other formats.

You can also choose the desired output quality and background color.


Play the merged video to check if you have the right parts and that the videos are in the right order.

If you are happy with the result, click “Export.”

The video merger will render the videos in less than a minute!

You can either download the file on your PC in any file format. Alternatively, share it directly on social media platforms.

Have any questions?

How To Merge Videos Online?

You can put multiple videos together without downloading a video combiner app or software. Use Keevi, an online video merger, in 3 quick steps:

  1. Upload your video.
  2. Add as many videos as you need. Crop unwanted parts and arrange the clips in your preferred sequence.   
  3. Click “Export.” Download the merged videos in any file format or share directly on social media.  
Can I Combine Videos?

You can combine videos online free and in your preferred order using Keevi. It takes 3 easy steps. No complex software and app downloads are necessary. Download the merged videos in any file format or share them on social media.

Is There A Free Video Joiner Online?

Yes. You can merge video online free using Keevi. You don’t need to download clip combiner software or pay for subscriptions to combine multiple videos into one.

Is There A Tool To Merge Mp4 Files?

Yes. Keevi is a free online tool that lets you combine MP4 files or videos in any other format in under 5 minutes.

Do I Need To Download A Video Merger?

No. You don’t need to download software or apps to combine videos. Use Keevi’s online video merger for free.

How Can Combining Videos Help Your Content Marketing Efforts?

It’s a fact; we humans are visual beings. 

It makes it easy for content marketers to use videos with the assurance that the audience retains the message.

This is particularly true for social media videos.  

Data shows that 93% of marketers have acquired a new customer through social media videos. And 88% are happy with the ROI (Return on Investment) of marketing through videos on social media.

Produce engaging and educational videos consistently. It builds loyalty and trust in your audience, creating lasting relationships. This strengthens your content marketing efforts.

Keevi’s content editor helps you create attention-grabbing videos. You can use our video joiner online free to combine your favorite videos into one, create highlight videos, and a lot more.

Why Choose Keevi?

  • Keevi is free. You only need to upload your videos and start editing.  
  • It processes your files at high speed.
  • No need to spend time downloading software. Merge clips right on your web browser.
  • Keevi is beginner-friendly and makes it easy to put video clips together in 3 easy steps.
  • It makes it easy to create quick social media posts. You can share your video directly on your social media.
  • Our online video stitcher provides plenty of customization options for the output video.
  • Allows you to upload multiple videos and download your output video in a variety of file formats.
  • Provides thousands of royalty-free stock videos, audios, and images to use in your videos.
  • You can arrange your videos in your desired order.
  • A powerful tool that will combine videos without interruptions from technical errors.

How Does Keevi Compare to Other Video Merge Software

Other Video Combiner Software
Keevi is a completely free online tool. No subscriptions are necessary to mash videos together.

You need to download and install software or apps to merge videos. You also need to pay for the tool.

Keevi is a completely free online tool. No subscriptions are necessary to mash videos together.

You need to download and install software or apps to merge videos. You also need to pay for the tool.

A powerful video files joiner that will merge video files without affecting their quality.

The software re-encodes your videos before joining them, and this lowers the quality of the output.

You can add text, images, audio, and plenty of features to your merged video.

The clip merger software only comes with basic functions. It does not provide the option for customization features that can make your video more engaging.

You can crop the original videos into shorter clips and merge them into one long video.

Provides no option to edit your videos. You can only work on your videos as they are.

It provides an intuitive user interface. You can merge videos in a few clicks, even without previous experience.

A complex user interface that requires IT and video editing skills to combine videos together.

Allows you to merge multiple videos into one. You can arrange the order in which you want the video clips to play.

You can only join two videos with no option to specify the time you want your videos to start.