Record Video Online

No need to tire yourself recording a video, upload it on your computer, and share it with your recipients.

You can achieve all this and more in a few clicks!

Use our online webcam free to record a video fast and easily. 

Then edit the recording by adding some fun or engaging features. And finally, share the webcam capture directly with friends, clients, or potential customers.

Why would you need this awesome webcam video recorder freeware?

To begin with, creating a video is way more personal than communicating through text.

And it gets better if you can do it online for free, with the option to edit the webcam recording and share it instantly.

Make use of Keevi’s HD webcam recorder to create high-quality videos that are perfect for:

  • Telling the world about your brand in an engaging and personalized marketing email.
  • Communicating with teammates, family, and friends fast. No need to type long and exhausting messages.
  • Creating informative product demos using our online free webcam and screen recorder.
  • Recording a live message for your social media following. You can add emojis, background music, and pictures to hold their attention.   

Try our free online camera recorder now!

How to Use Our Webcam Video Recorder in 3 Quick Steps

You can use our webcam record to create a video that is as long as you need. You can even record your screen along with the webcam video recording.

Edit the video recording online in our flexible studio to suit the use you intend to put it to.

Use our webcam recorder free in 3 easy steps

.It is suitable for any machine—Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone, and any other machine with a browser. You can use it on mobile devices as well.   

Download your webcam recording or share it instantly with friends or fans.

Choose Layout

Select the Screen Recorder tool and click “Start Recording.”

Under Layout, select “Webcam.”

The webcam recorder freeware will detect your camera.

If you want to record with webcam and record your screen simultaneously, choose “Webcam + Screen.”

You will get the options to choose the window or website tab you want to record. You can also choose to record the entire screen along with the webcam.

Click Share.

Activate the Webcam Capture Feature

Press the red button to begin webcam recording.

There will be a countdown from 3 before the online webcam video recorder can start recording.

Record for as long as you want.

If you are using the screen recorder and webcam, the screen will be in the background of the video recording webcam.

Once you complete the recording, click the red stop button.

If you want to start recording again, click the “X” button and choose your layout again.

Use Your Webcam Video Recording

Our user-friendly free online webcam recorder comes with the option to:

  • Download your free webcam recording on the PC.
  • Copy the link to your webcam video recording and share it with friends. Your recipient can download the video or watch it before it disappears within seven days.
  • If something is not right, re-record.

A Few Tips to Make Your Webcam Recording Easier

  • Enable the camera in your device before using the web cam recorder.  
  • Improve your web cam recording before sharing it. Click “Edit in Studio.” You can add emojis, text, and images. Tap “Export” to download the edited webcam video recording on your PC.
  • Apply one of Keevi’s pre-determined aspect ratios for social media videos in the studio. Then share the web camera recording directly on your channels.   
  • Be sure to look good for the camera.
  • Focus on sending a clear message and CTA. If you find yourself mumbling, stop and re-record.  

Have any questions?

How Do I Take Video With Webcam Online?

You can use Keevi’s webcam video recorder online in 3 quick steps. It is beginner-friendly. And no complex downloads or sign-ups are necessary to start recording.  

  1. Click “Start Recording” and choose the “Webcam” layout.
  2. Click the red button to activate the online video camera—a record for as long as you want. If you make a mistake, stop the webcam recording and choose your layout again to re-record.     

You can download the free web cam recording on your device or edit it first in Keevi’s studio. You can also share its link directly with friends or clients.

Is There Webcam Recording Freeware?

Yes. Keevi is a webcam video recorder freeware that does not require subscriptions or any other form of payment to use. You can use the webcam recorder for as long as you need for free.

Where Can I Find an Online Webcam Video Recorder?

Keevi provides a free online webcam camera. You don’t need to download any software or app to create a webcam recording video. And it’s free for life.

Which is the Best Free Webcam Video Recording Software?

Keevi is one of the best free webcam recording sites. It provides powerful free webcam capture software with the option to edit your recording in the studio. You can record for as long as you need for free.

Where Can I Find a Webcam Video Editor?

Keevi provides a free video camera with a flexible and practical video editor to improve your webcam video recording. You can add emojis, text, images, subtitles, and so much more.

Why Do You Need Free Online Webcam?

Email marketing is effective in increasing leads. But it gets even better when you use videos. 

Almost 90% of online marketing professionals know this and apply it in their marketing campaigns.

Something as simple as including the word “Video” in an email can improve open rates by 6%.

More data shows that email videos can increase open rates by 19% and increase click rates by 65%. They can also reduce the rate of unsubscription by 26%.

You are also likely to experience a 66% increase in solid leads every year if you use videos as part of your marketing strategy.  

The best part is that including videos in your marketing campaigns is easy peasy.

Simply use our free online webcam video recorder to create an engaging video in minutes. Share it instantly with potential clients. 

You can also use a screen recorder with a webcam to create engaging product demos for your leads.

Why Choose Keevi?

  • Keevi is a fast and flexible browser-based webcam recording freeware—It's 100% free forever.
  • It has a powerful video editing studio where you can improve your webcam video recording.
  • It allows you to use the free webcam capture tool together with a screen recorder.
  • You can share a link to your webcam recording instantly with friends or clients.
  • The free web cam video recorder is highly secure.
  • Enables direct sharing on social media.
  • It is a beginner-friendly webcam video recorder freeware.
  • It works perfectly on mobile devices.
  • Keevi produces high-quality webcam video recording. There are no bugs in the software to interfere with the webcam recording video output.

How Does Keevi Compare to Other Video Merge Software

Other Video Combiner Software
No downloads, sign-ups, or payments are necessary to use the webcam recorder. You can begin recording as fast as you need.

You need to download complex software, choose an expensive subscription, and sign-up to get any web camera recording done.

There is no limit to the length of the web cam recording. You can record as long as you need.

Provides software to record webcam but with a limit to the amount of time you can record.

Provides the option to edit your webcam recording free on a user-friendly studio in a single click. You can add subtitles, images, text, emojis, and so much more.

You can only use webcam recorder software. Any other edits you need to make on your recording require different software.

You can optimize the size of your video for social media in Keevi’s studio. And push the video directly on your channels.

Does not provide the flexibility of creating a quick social media post.

It comes with a user-friendly user interface. You don’t need to be an IT expert to make your web camera recording and polish it in the studio.

Software to record webcam comes with a complex user interface that requires special skills.

The webcam recorder is browser-based. It can work on any device with a browser.

Most of the webcam recorder software is not compatible with some operating systems.