Do You Want to Become A Video Editor?

With Keevi, everyone is a professional video editor.

Written content can only take you so far. With videos, sky’s the limit.

Powerful Video Editing Features

Combine video clips, add audio, add text, add a call to action, and brand your videos with your logo.

Repurpose Your Content into Multiple Formats

Make Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram specific videos, shorten videos, combine video clips, etc

Publish Your Content on Multiple Channels

Post your repurposed content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

What Makes Keevi Video Editor Special?

What distinguishes Keevi is it’s Easy To Use interface.
remember – with Keevi, everyone is a professional video editor.

Resize your videos

Each social media platform will have its own requirements for video posting. With Keevi video editor, you can resize your videos accordingly.

Add subtitles to your videos

Some viewers prefer to watch a video with audio.This tool helps you add subtitles to your videos meant for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, etc.

Add images to your video

This is an excellent tool to add a picture of your brand logo onto your video.

Add text to your videos

This feature will help your viewers “read” your video. This is a great way to emphasise a point in your video or highlight a section.

Add stickers to your video

By adding animation or a still sticker, you can decorate your videos, and make them cooler.

Adjust your video

With this tool, you can change your videos’ brightness, contrast and saturation.

Add audio/sounds to your video

If you are trying to grab your viewers attention, add music or sound to your video. With this tool, you can add or replace background music in a video file.

Set Layout for video display

Choosing the best layout for your video is important as this is how your visitors will view your content.

Easy to Use

Keevi online video editor has a fairly simple interface, specifically designed with the needs of content marketers in mind.

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What makes KEEVI the best video editor?

A best video editor has powerful features and effects, multi-track editing and a highly customizable interface, which helps you create professional-quality videos. Furthermore, it supports multi-track video and must be a non-linear editor, so that when you are processing your videos their quality isn’t affected.

Keevi video editor possesses these qualities, which makes it the best video editor.