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Test Microphone Online

When preparing to video chat or create a video, most people tend to overlook the audio aspect of the video and focus on only the visuals. 

They are likely to check the lighting, the position of the camera, and sadly, forget to test mic quality even though audio is the most vital part of sending a clear message.  

Data also shows that about 65% of remote meetings occur through audio only. 

This means testing your microphone should be at the top of your priorities before attending any form of a virtual meeting. 

And it’s an equally important step when creating tutorials, product demos, and videos with voice-overs.  

You wouldn’t want to have a distorted voice as you speak to a potential client.

Or worse, find out that your microphone is not working right before making an important call. Or, before recording a noteworthy podcast, you had promised your audience.    

Frequently testing your microphone audio with our mic tester online is one of the best things you could do.   

You can use it to:

  • Check if a new microphone you purchased for recording your audio content is working okay. 
  • Use it to check voice output before recording audio.
  • Check if the mic is well set up or if a headset microphone is enabled.
  • Carry out an audio test to confirm if your webcam has an inbuilt microphone.

You don’t have to worry about spending plenty of time downloading third-party software. Our online mic test only requires a browser for it to work.  

You are probably wondering, “Why can’t I test my mic with an app like Skype?”

If, for instance, you have a problem with your audio output when using Skype, trying to do a mic check with the application may not be the best idea. 

To start with, the troubleshooting process can be a nightmare. The app is built for communication and may not be the best tool for testing your mic. 

In addition, it’s hard to tell if your mic is the problem or Skype.    

But with an online mic tester like Keevi, you can rule out mic-connected issues. 

Our mic tester works by trying to communicate with your mic through the browser. It’s a reliable and straightforward form of microphone testing.

Carry out an online microphone test now!

How to Test Microphone Online in 3 Easy Steps

Use our simple but powerful free microphone test tool. No signup or payment is necessary. All you need is a browser, and you can test mic quality in 3 quick steps.  

And if your mic is not working, don’t sweat it. 

We will provide a few steps you can take to resolve the problem.

There are no restrictions on the type of mic you can test. With our free microphone quality tester, you can test internal microphone of a laptop or smartphone. You can also test an external microphone connected either wirelessly or through connectors.

You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of our mic tester with your PC. Our online mic test tool can work on all operating systems. And you don’t need any additional browser plug-ins.  

And the best part—it has playback functionality! 

This means you can do a voice test and play it back to see if that’s the sound quality you want.  Quite handy, right?

Activate the Voice Tester

Click the “Microphone Test” CTA.

Our online microphone test tool will do mic detection. Click the “Test My Microphone” button.

Allow Access to Your Mic

There will be a pop-up requesting you to allow the website to access the microphone.

If you are using a mobile device, you will need to scroll up to find the pop-up. Otherwise, you will miss it, and your audio mic test will be unsuccessful.

If it’s a mic test PC, the access request will be near the address bar at the top part of your screen.

Enable Keevi to test microphone by clicking “Allow.”

Test Your Mic

Once you have granted our mictester access to your microphone, an audio visualizer will appear on the screen.  

Make a test voice recording on your mic. There should be a sound waveform in the audio visualizer in response to your voice. 

If the sound waveform on the audio visualizer moves, your mic is fine and well set up.

If there is no movement in the visualizer and the sound waveform is a flat line, there could be something wrong with your mic. Or it’s not well set up.     

You can also choose to use the mic test playback. 

Make a mic recording and listen to the quality of your voice by playing it back using your device’s speakers or earphones.

If your mic is not working, check the possible reasons below and the steps you can take to correct the problem.

How You Can Fix a Microphone that is Not Working

If the visualizer does not respond to your voice, and there is no sound wave movement. Here are a few things you can give a shot:

  • You could have a wrongly connected mic. If you are using an external mic, insert it entirely in the right socket. For most desktops, the microphone jack is usually the pink one. Or, if it’s a USB microphone test, connect it properly to the USB socket.
  • Ensure that you don’t have a muted mic. You could have your mic on mute and not know it. Also, check that the volume is not down.    
  • There could be an interruption in the microphone cable. A digital multimeter can help you check for breakage in the wire to prevent it from working.
  • Check if other applications that use the microphone are running, such as Skype and your game apps. If this is the case, your mic may not be available for the online audio tester. Try turning them off. 
  • The mic tester could have denied access to the mic. Check if a multimedia icon at the end of the address bar has a cross on it. It means the online mic tester has no access to the mic. Click it. A window pop-up will appear. Select “Always Allow Keevi to Access Your Microphone.” Select “Done” and refresh the webpage. 
  • The microphone is disabled in your operating system’s settings. This is especially common if you test the microphone on Windows 10.  Correct this by clicking “Start” and select “Settings.” Then tap “Privacy” and finally “Microphone.” If it says the microphone access is off, click “Change” and turn it on. Check if the part saying “Allow Apps To Access Mic” is off and change to on.
  • You could have outdated drivers. Check if there are updates available for your sound card drivers.
  • If you are carrying out a microphone test Windows 10, go to the Control Panel and select “Device Manager,” then click “Audio Inputs and Outputs.” Choose “Microphone Array” and select “Update Driver.”
  • You can also try clicking “Computer” and selecting “My Computer.” Click “Manage” then “Device Manager” and choose “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers.” Right-click the sound card and select “Properties.” Under the driver tab, click “Update Driver.”
  • For a Mac mic test with an inbuilt mic, click the Apple icon and tap “About This Mac,” then click “Software Update.”, check It will activate any sound card driver updates available.
  • You can also update the sound drivers of any device by going to the website of your computer’s manufacturer. Search for the most recent sound card driver update that is compatible with your Windows.
  • A firewall could be the problem. If you are using a corporate network, a firewall could be blocking access to your camera or microphone. Check with your IT or security team if any network security systems are blocking your mic.
  • The problem could be as easy as a network failure. Check that your network is stable and refresh the mic test website.
  • In some cases, you may be speaking too softly; try using a relatively louder voice. 
  • Your microphone is broken. Although this is rare, it’s a possibility. Replace or repair it.

A Few Tips For Efficient Microphone Testing

  • If your PC does not have a built-in microphone, invest in a high-quality external mic. You don’t want to go for cheap mics; most of them record poorly. Don’t assume a high-priced mic is perfect, either. Most expensive microphones are complicated and need a mixer or preamp to operate. Check for a mic with lots of positive customer reviews.
  • When testing a mic that is external, make sure it’s 5 to 6 inches from your mouth. Being too far away can make your voice weak for the mic tester to detect. Being too near will make your voice loud and give it an echoed quality.     
  • Test your microphone in a quiet place. Most mics cannot handle a lot of external noise, especially in the immediate area. The noise pollution can make it difficult to test out the microphone correctly.  
  • If you are using the voice playback test function, be sure to use a good set of headphones.  
  • Before buying an external mic, first, confirm that it is compatible with your hardware.

Have any questions?

How To Test My Microphone?

If you are wondering, what does my mic sound like? Carry out a quick internet mic test easily using our simple online mic tester. It takes 3 quick steps:

  1. Click the “Microphone Test” CTA and tap “Test My Microphone.”
  2. A pop-up window will request permission for the mic test website to access your microphone. Click “Allow.”
  3. A sound visualizer will appear. Try making a voice recording with your mic. If it’s well-connected and working fine, there will be sound waveform movement in the visualizer.
Can I Carry Out a Mic Quality Test?

Yes. You can carry out a microphone quality test online by using Keevi. You don’t need to download any microphone tester software or a microphone test app. Keevi is browser-based and free. No signup or subscription fee is required.

How Does My Mic Sound?

Test your voice on your microphone on short notice using Keevi’s free online audio tester. Keevi allows you to test an in-built or external mic easily and fast on your browser.

Is There a Free Mic Voice Tester Online?

Yes. At Keevi, we provide you with free browser-based microphone tester software. It works on any operating system. You can carry out a windows microphone test, an android mic test, a html5 microphone test, and many more. The online audio tester will test any type of mic, either external or in-built, fast and efficiently.

Is There A Microphone Test With Playback?

Yes. Keevi is a free online mic playback tester. You can test microphone quality by playing back a test voice recording in 3 easy steps. You only need to start speaking on your mic. Then check if you can hear your voice clearly, and the test is complete!

Why You Need to Always Test If Microphone Is Working

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 3 Americans use live video to chat with a business. And 1 in 5 Americans video chat with a business either weekly or more often. 

About 25% of Americans who are yet to use a video chat to communicate with a business expect to do it shortly.

This shows that you cannot ignore video chat as a mode of providing excellent and personalized customer service. 

And given that 90% of people are better at getting their points across on video, it will be easier to understand your customers’ needs if you use video chat. You get to address their pain points and increase their satisfaction rate. This eventually boosts business growth. 

But all these will be impossible to achieve without good-quality equipment.

Keep in mind that the microphone is as important as the webcam. You need a mic that is efficient and reliable. Use Keevi to do an online mic quality test frequently.     

Microphone testing will also ensure that your audios, podcasts, and voice-overs are always top-notch.  

So, go ahead and test your microphone online today. 

Why Use Keevi?

  • The mic audio test tool is free for life. There is no subscription or hidden fees.
  • The microphone test tool is web-based. No complex software and app downloads will waste your time. All you need is the mic test website. 
  • You can test the mic and speakers fast and efficiently.
  • Our mic recorder test does not store your voice recording. It is 100% secure.
  • Keevi’s online audio tester is straightforward with a simple user interface. You don’t need any special audio content creation or editing skills to test mic.
  • You don’t have to worry about compatibility. The tool can quickly test internal microphone or a connector mic of any model. It will also work on any type of computer or mobile device with a browser.    

How Does Keevi Compare to Other Microphone Tester Software and Extensions?

Other Mic Quality Test Software
Our microphone quality tester is a free online tool.

It does not provide the luxury to test your voice online. You have to download software, an extension, or a mic testing app.

Beginner-friendly. You don’t need to be an expert in IT to use our online mic tester.

Most microphone tester software is complex. You need to have prior experience in using the tool to hack it.

You can test microphone quality by observing the sound wave on the audio visualizer. Or by recording your audio and playing it back to listen to its quality.

You can only use one audio test method when using microphone test software.

Our test mic tool is browser-based. This makes it compatible with most operating systems.

The microphone testing software is not compatible with some operating systems.

You can check voice smoothly without worrying about interruptions from technical problems.

Glitches with the microphone tester software often interfere with the mic voice test.