Test Your Webcam Online

Any expert video content creator can confirm this. Doing a test video before starting a video call or creating video content is of the utmost importance. 

Test your background. Look for the angle of the webcam that produces the best video quality. And find the optimal amount of lighting that will produce an eye-grabbing video.  

Doing a webcam test ensures that nothing goes wrong when recording your video. And when the camtest is online and free, as it is with Keevi’s webcam tester, you get to complete it in a few easy clicks!  

Go ahead and use Keevi’s online video test to test video quality before going live on social media or attending a video conference.

Use it to check if a new webcam you purchased is working correctly. Confirm if all the features are present and working correctly. Or use it to compare the video or image quality of several webcams.

With Keevi’s free online webcam tester, you can consistently check the image quality of your webcam so that it’s always ready to use.

Take a web cam test now!

How to Test Webcam in 3 Easy Steps

One of the best features of our beginner-friendly cam tester is that it is browser-based. This makes it possible to test your camera on any operating system or any type of computer or mobile. 

With Keevi’s webcam online test, you can test a webcam on your laptop, smartphone, TV, tablet, and any other device.

You don’t need any programs, software, or apps to check your camera. Begin testing your webcam as fast as you need. As long as you are on our webcam test website, you can test your web cam in 3 easy and quick steps.  

If your camera fails the online webcam test, we will show you how to fix the problem before consulting with an expert.

Launch the Webcam Tester

Click the webcam test CTA on our website. 

Then tap the “Test My Webcam” button.

Keevi will try to detect the inbuilt or external webcams attached to your PC.

Provide Access to the Webcam

If it’s your first time using the webcam tester, there will be a pop-up permission window. 

For a laptop or desktop, it will be on the top left of your browser. The window will have a message requesting access to your webcam.

If you are using a mobile device, scroll up to find the access request.

Let Keevi test your camera by clicking “Allow.”

Test Camera

Keevi will launch the camera test.

A webcam viewer will appear on the screen.

If your webcam is fine, you will see yourself on the webcam viewer or the item your webcam is pointing at.

Check the quality of the video on the webcam viewer.

Try moving your body or moving the webcam; the image on the website should move accordingly.

A significant advantage of our online webcam tester is that it has an adjusting grid. 

The adjusting grid lets you know where the quarters and the halves of the screen are. This enables you to find the right direction to position your camera. You can use it to center your image. Or, if you will be doing a product demo, find the position that will cover your image and product adequately.

If you are wondering about what type of lighting would be better for your video, we have got you covered. 

Keevi’s cam tester lets you know the amount of light that will make you look good on video before you can buy a light fixture. 

Simply adjust the brightness level or the contrast and see the effect it has on the video output.

Something could be wrong with your webcam if:

  • Your image doesn’t show on the webcam viewer.
  • The image does not move as expected when you rotate the camera or change your position or move the item the camera is pointing at. 

We will provide you with a few solutions.

A Few Reasons Your Webcam is Not Working Well

  • Keevi’s online webcam tester does not have permission to access your webcam. You could have missed the permission pop-up window or denied access by mistake. Try these to fix the problem:
  • Click on the disabled multimedia icon at the end of your address bar.
  • On the pop-up window that says the website cannot access your camera, select “Always Allow Keevi to Access Your Camera.”
  • Click “Done” and refresh the webcam test page.
  • Poor camera connection. If it’s a USB camera test, re-plug it and try reconnecting it firmly on the USB port. There should be a sound when you reconnect the webcam. You can also try inserting it into a different USB port. If it’s a wired camera, check that the wire is fully inserted in the connector on your PC or try reinserting it.
  • Damaged cables. If you are using a wired webcam, a defect in the cable could cause the problem. You could try using a multimeter to check for any damage. Get it fixed or replaced. 
  • Webcam is disabled in the operating system. Some operating systems require that you give the browser permission to access the camera. 
  • If you are using a macOS to test your webcam, try going to “System Preferences.” Select Security and Privacy”. Choose “Camera” and check the box next to the browser you are using.
  • If it's a webcam test Windows 10, go to Start and select “Settings.” Choose “Privacy” and select “Camera.” Under the section “Allow Access to the Camera on This Device,” click “Change” and set it to “On.” Scroll down, and under the “Allow Apps to Access Your Camera” section, enable it. 
  • For a Windows 7 camera test, find “My Computer” or “This Computer” and right-click. Choose “Manage.” In the window that appears, click “Computer Management (Local)” on the left panel. Then choose “System Tools” and click “Device Manager.” Double click “Imaging Devices” and find the camera you’re testing. If there is a downward arrow on the icon next to the camera, it means the webcam is not active. Right-click on the camera and choose “Enable.” 
  • You have a driver problem. Your camera driver could need an update. Try using these steps:
  • If it’s a windows test webcam, update your driver by going to the control panel. Search for “Device Manager.” Then double click either “Cameras,” “Imaging Devices,” or “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers,” depending on the PC you have. Find your camera. Right-click the camera and choose “Properties.” Under the driver tab, select “Update Driver.”
  • You could also right-click “My Computer” or “This Computer” in Windows 7. Click “Manage.” Click “Computer Management (Local)” on the left panel of the window that appears. Then tap “System Tools” and choose “Device Manager.” Double click “Imaging Devices” and find the camera you’re testing. Click “Update Driver Software.” A window will appear; click “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.” 
  • For a macOS cam test, click the Apple icon and select “About This Mac.” Tap “Software Update.” It will update any camera drivers available.
  • If you are trying to test external webcam, search for the latest driver on the camera manufacturer’s website. For an inbuilt webcam test, go to the official website of your laptop’s manufacturer and find the latest webcam driver. Download and install the driver.
  • Check Firewalls and Antivirus software. Some security software is strict with providing access permission to your hardware. Even after enabling browser permission in the operating system, the software could be blocking the camera. Try:
  • Disabling the antivirus software temporarily and see if the webcam test is successful.
  • If you are using a corporate network, ask your IT team if a firewall or network configuration is blocking Keevi’s online webcam tester.
  • Webcam is in use with another application. If there is an application using your camera, such as Skype, Zoom, or game apps, try closing it first. The open app could be the reason the webcam test website cannot test your camera successfully.
  • Your webcam is off. Some cameras come with an on and off switch. Make sure that yours is set to “ON.” You could also check that none of your laptop’s hotkeys have disabled your webcam. An external webcam could also have a lid or slider; check that it’s open.
  • You have a broken webcam. If you’ve tried all remedies and your camera still fails the webcamtest, check if it's broken. You can try installing it on a different PC and try the online web cam test again. If it still fails, replace it or contact your camera manufacturer for support.
  • You have a network problem. Check your network connection and refresh the webcam test website. 

Tips to a Successful Webcam Test

  • Clean your Webcam lens. It will prevent the video output from being blurry.
  • Have good lighting. It will help you make better judgments about the quality of the webcam video output.

Once you complete the webcam video test, check the webcam across all applications to confirm its performance.

Have any questions?

Can I Test Logitech Webcam?

Yes. You can do an online Logitech webcam test or test webcam of any model using Keevi’s free webcam tester. It takes a few easy steps.

Can I Do a Webcam Online Test?

Yes. Keevi’s video tester is browser-based. You don’t need to make any camera test software downloads or get an extension to check your camera’s video quality. Check your webcam online on any operating system in a few clicks.

How To Check If My Webcam Is Working?

Test if your cam is working before using it using Keevi’s free webcam tester. It takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Click the webcam test CTA. Then select the “Test My Webcam” button.
  2. There will be a pop-up permission window. Click “Allow” to let the cam tester access your webcam.

If you see your image in the webcam viewer on your screen, the video camera test was successful, and your webcam is okay.

Can I Test a USB Camera Viewer Online?

Yes. You can do a USB webcam test with Keevi. Our webcam testing tool is browser-based. All you need is to connect your USB webcam first. Then click the webcam test CTA on Keevi’s website. And if you see your image on the webcam viewer, your USB webcam is okay.

Can I Preview Webcam Output Quality Before Using It?

Yes. At Keevi, we provide webcams preview, regardless of whether the webcam is inbuilt or external. You get to view your webcam video output quality before recording your video, joining a video conference, or going live on social media.

Why You Need to Test Your Webcam?

Research has shown that user demand for video communications has been on the increase. In 2020, data shows that video conferencing had a 535% rise in daily traffic.

The video conferencing market could achieve a 12.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) until 2023. Other data shows that between 2020 and 2026, there will be an over 19% CAGR.

With this expected boom in video conferencing, video calls will be the most common communication method with your leads.

In addition, video calls make your communications more successful. 

A video call puts you at a better chance of gauging the reaction from your recipient. This is because 93% of communication is non-verbal. You get to see if your listener is understanding and taking your message positively.

Use videos in your content to increase engagement. About 78% of people watch videos online every week, with 55% watching every day. You can create product demos, tutorials, company culture videos, and a lot more.

The first step to great video communications and video content is testing your webcam to ensure quality output at all times. 

Here are a few other tips:

  • Eye contact is essential. You want to look at the webcam as if you are talking to your listener in person. Smile.
  • Check your room lighting. Most webcams aren’t great at recording in low-light environments. Good lighting gets you a great video.
  • Don’t forget to clean up your background. You don’t want decorations or any other distracting items to steal your audience’s attention. 
  • Test webcam and microphone. Audio output is as important as visuals. 

Why Use Keevi?

  • A convenient online cam test. You can test a webcam right from your browser. 
  • It is a beginner-friendly webcam testing tool. You can test camera online with a few easy clicks.
  • Keevi provides a free webcam test. It is a cost-effective way to check if webcam is working.
  • You can be sure of the safety and security of our camera tester. We don’t save any images and video recordings coming from your camera.
  • Our online video camera tester lets you adjust the brightness level or the contrast of the video. This helps you determine the level of light that would be ideal for your video.  
  • It's a fast and efficient webcam video test.

How Does Keevi Compare to Other Webcam Tester Software?

Other Webcam Testing Software
Web-based. You can start testing your webcam as soon as you need. No downloads are required.

You have to spend a lot of time downloading the video camera test software and extension.

The webcam checker is free for life.

The webcam testing software is not cost-effective. You need to pay for the software download or subscribe to the camera testing service.

Our webcam checker comes with an adjusting grid that lets you position your camera accurately.

You have to use a lot of guesswork when adjusting your webcam.

You don’t need any special skills to test your webcam online with our tool.

You need to have IT skills to preview webcam with the software.

Can test any webcam with a browser. The webcam tester can test external webcam or inbuilt webcams.

The webcam test software is not compatible with some operating systems. And it is not suitable for testing some webcam models.