How to Translate YouTube Videos?

Diversify the audience for your YouTube videos by making your content multilingual. 

And you don’t have to worry about having limited video editing skills. Keevi makes it possible to make YouTube translation subtitles and voice overs for your YouTube videos in 3 easy steps.     

Instead of creating separate channels for each language, you get to reach a global audience using one channel containing multilingual videos. 

This saves you time, energy, and resources. And you can concentrate viewership and subscribers to one channel.

Translating YouTube videos is also an excellent way to expand your market in a specific geographic area. By making the language in your content match with what your target audience is using to search Google, your videos will become more discoverable.

Keevi will help you auto translate YouTube videos in any language of your choice out of the 119 available. Some of the languages include:  

US English, Australian English, British English, Indian English, Scottish English, Irish English, and Welsh English, Chinese Mandarin – Mainland, Dutch, Spanish, Farsi, Hebrew, Indian Hindi, Indonesian, French and Canadian French, Italian, Japanese, German and Swiss German, Korean, Malay, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Gulf Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.

Translate YouTube video now!

How to Translate a YouTube Video from Spanish to English

Auto transcription takes only a minute or so, and translating it into a different language takes an equally short time. 

However, the benefits of these quick and easy actions are massive. It increases the scope of your content, helping you reach a wider audience.

Keevi helps with translating YouTube videos through text or voice by either adding translated subtitles or a translated voice over. Or both.


Upload Your Video

Upload your video from your computer by clicking on “Browse” or simply drag and drop. You can also extract it directly from YouTube by inserting the video’s URL on the space provided.  

Keevi will add your video to the studio. 

You can trim it into a shorter video by clicking the handles on the edges and dragging. You can also cut out parts of the video that you want to translate by clicking on the start time of the part you want to remove and click “Split,” and select the end-time and click “Split,” hit the delete button. 

Create a Multilingual Video

There are two ways you can auto translate YouTube videos:

Option a – Translate YouTube video audio using subtitles

Begin by transcribing the video first. Click on “Subtitles” and select “Auto Subtitles.”

Choose Spanish or the language your video is in, and select “Generate Auto Subtitles.” It could take up to a minute to generate the subtitles depending on the length of the video.

The transcript will appear in the editor and on the timeline. 

It will not be 100% right because it is auto generated, but you can be sure that it will need minimal edits. Do a spellcheck and make any tweaks you deem necessary.

You could also change its start and end times on the timeline.

Next, auto translate video. You can change the language of the subtitles to English or any other language of your preference.

Click on “Options” and select “Translations.” Select “Add Subtitles Track.”

Tap “Translate from Original” and choose your language of choice. There are over 119 languages available to translate your text in.

Once you have made your selection, click “Create.”  

At this point, you can choose to go to the final step of exporting. You will have the video with subtitles in English or the language of your choice. At the same time, the background voice over or audio remains in Spanish or the original language of your video.  

Or you can choose to add a translated AI voice over.

Option b – Add a translated voice over

To add a translated voice over to the video, click “Create Text to Speech.”

You will get the option to choose between different voice over actors that are all generated by artificial intelligence.

Once you choose your voice, Keevi will convert the transcription into a voice over.

If you want the subtitles to show as well, follow Option a and then move on to the steps in Option b

When you go to step 3, exporting, you will have the video with the translated sub-titles plus the voice over in the same language as the subtitles.

Export Your Multilingual Video

Click “Export,” and your video will render in seconds.

You can choose to download the translated subtitles in an SRT version, which you can later upload as closed captions for your YouTube video. Or you can have the translations embedded in the video.

Keevi provides the option to share your video directly on social media or download it on your PC.


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How to Translate YouTube Videos?

You can translate YouTube video audio online using Keevi in a few minutes. You have the option to translate the video’s subtitles or/and add an AI voice over in the language of your choice.

How to Translate a YouTube Video from Spanish to English?

Translate video to English subtitles and/or English voice over using Keevi in 3 quick steps:

  1. Upload your video.
  2. Click Subtitles > Auto Subtitles > Language-Spanish > Generate Auto Subtitles. Proofread the subtitles then select Options > Translations > Add Subtitles Track > English > Create. Add an English voice over by selecting “Create Text to Speech.”    
  3. Hit “Export” to embed the translated subtitles in your video. You can also download it as an SRT file and upload it as closed captions to your video. 
How To Translate YouTube Videos To English Subtitles?

Create English subtitles in your YouTube video using Keevi online:

  1. Upload your video to Keevi.
  2. Click Subtitles > Auto Subtitles > Select the language your video is in > Generate Auto Subtitles. Proof-read the subtitles then select Options > Translations > Add Subtitles Track > English > Create.  
  3. Hit “Export” to embed the translated subtitles in your video and download or share on social media. You can also download the subtitles as an SRT file.
How To Translate YouTube Videos Without CC?

You don’t need CC to translate your YouTube video. You can use Keevi’s “Text to Speech” feature to add an AI-generated voice over in a language of your choice.

Is There An App To Translate YouTube Videos To English?

Keevi is an online YouTube language translator that helps you translate a video in any language to English subtitles or/and English voice over fast and efficiently.

Why Use a YouTube Language Translator?

Only 25.9 percent of worldwide internet users are English speakers, while 19.4% are Chinese speakers and 7.9% are Spanish speakers. If you create your video in only one language, English, for instance, you limit your audience to only a quarter of what is available.

With YouTube being the second-largest search engine with over 2 billion monthly users, you can maximize your reach by creating a multilingual video instead of a single language. The more people you reach, the more leads you get for your business. 

Why Keevi

  • Keevi is an online tool. No software downloads are required.
  • A wide variety of languages to choose from for your YouTube translations.
  • Keevi is beginner-friendly. You don’t need any special skills.
  • It translates your video fast. It only requires 3 quick steps. 
  • You can extract your video directly from YouTube.
  • You don’t have to translate parts of the video you do not want. Keevi comes with cutting and trimming capabilities.  
  • You have the option to download your subtitles as an SRT file or embed them on your video.
  • Keevi’s auto subtitles generator is near perfect and comes with a powerful editor.
  • You can create a translated voice over to the video.  

How Keevi Compares to Other Video Translators

Keevi Other Video Translators
Keevi is an online tool. You need to download and install software to translate your video.
It’s easy to translate YouTube video audio using Keevi. You need to have video editing skills to translate YouTube videos successfully.
Provides over 100 languages to translate a YouTube video into. You only get a few choices of languages to translate YouTube video.
You can trim or cut out parts of the video before translating it. You can only translate the video in its original size.
Keevi provides the option to add both a translated subtitles and a translated voice over It can only offer translated subtitles. You need to download different software to get a translated voice over.
Keevi provides translations that are over 95% accurate. The translation carries a lot of errors that are exhausting and time consuming to correct.

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