Download and Convert SoundCloud to MP3

With over 125 million songs, SoundCloud is a rich source of awesome audios that you can use in the background of your content.

But accessing these soundtracks is not as easy as it sounds.

Although you can download some of the files on SoundCloud, you cannot save them on your PC or mobile.    

This is where our free browser-based SoundCloud to MP3 converter steps in to make your life easier.

Use our tool to convert SoundCloud audio into high-quality MP3 files that you can download to your PC or mobile. And you don’t need to make any subscriptions or payments. Keevi’s SoundCloud to MP3 converter is completely free.

There is no need to worry about having limited IT skills. Converting SoundCloud to MP3 takes a few easy steps and works from your browser.

Use the SoundCloud to MP3 converter to save your favorite songs, podcasts, and audios. And you can listen to them anytime, even without an internet connection.

You will also have access to our flexible content editor that you can use to convert the MP3 to a video.     

You can convert as many SoundCloud files as you want, merge them into one super-awesome MP3, or convert the merged MP3 file into a video.  

Create an MP3 from a SoundCloud audio file now!

How to Convert SoundCloud to MP3 in 3 Easy Steps

Use our free online tool to convert any SoundCloud file into an MP3 in a few clicks. 

You can then use Keevi’s powerful studio to create an awesome video. Add visuals, such as animated text, images, and stickers.

Once you are happy with your creation, share it with the world in seconds!

Here is a quick guide on how to make the SoundCloud to MP3 conversion smoothly.


Source Your File  

There will be an empty field on the SoundCloud to MP3 page. Paste the URL of the SoundCloud soundtrack in this field.

Click the “Download” button.

Download Your MP3

Hitting the “Download” button prompts Keevi to extract an MP3 from the SoundCloud soundtrack.

Click the “Download Song” button to download the extracted MP3 on your PC or mobile.

Edit Your MP3

You can choose to edit the MP3 in Keevi’s powerful studio.

The MP3 will appear on the timeline.   

Create a video from the extracted SoundCloud MP3 by adding a video template. Keevi has a rich in-built library containing thousands of royalty-free stock videos.

Simply click “Add Media.” Then select “Add Video.”

An upload panel will appear.

Click on “Stock Videos.” Or, if you have a video you want to use from your computer, click “Browse” or drag and drop it.

Keevi will add the video you choose to the timeline.

If you want the SoundCloud MP3 to play softly in the background of your video, select the MP3’s track.

On the left panel, adjust the volume of the MP3. You could also trim the MP3 by adjusting its start and end time on the space provided.  

Here are a few other features you can add to your MP3.

  • Add stickers – Click “Stickers” and select the emojis you want to add to your newly created video.
  • Add text – Click “Text” and type in the text box on the left side. You can animate the text or change its font, size, and color.  
  • Add audio – Click “Add Media” then “Add Audio” to add another audio to your video. You can drag the audio’s track across the timeline so that it can start when your SoundCloud MP3 stops.   

Click “Export.”

Keevi will render your work in seconds.

You can choose to download the video on your PC. Or, you can share it directly on YouTube or any other video channel.


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How Do I Download From SoundCloud to MP3?

You can download from SoundCloud to MP3 easily using Keevi’s free online tool. It takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Copy the URL to the SoundCloud track and paste it in the field provided on the Keevi SoundCloud to MP3 converter web page. Hit “Download.”
  2. Keevi’s tool will extract the MP3 from the track. Click “Download Song.”
  3. You can take the option to edit the extracted MP3 in Keevi’s studio. Convert the MP3 into a video by clicking “Add Media” then “Add Video” and use one of Keevi’s stock videos.
How Can I Download A Song From SoundCloud To My Phone?

You can download a song from SoundCloud to your phone using Keevi. All you need is a browser. Select Keevi’s SoundCloud to MP3 tool. Paste the URL of the SoundCloud song in the field provided and click “Download.” Keevi will extract the MP3 from the SoundCloud song. Download it on your phone.

Is It Possible to Convert Songs from SoundCloud to MP3?

Yes. You can convert a SoundCloud song to MP3 for free using Keevi. It takes 3 easy steps. You can make the SoundCloud to MP3 conversion right from your browser.

How Do I Download From SoundCloud Without Download Button?

Use Keevi’s free online SoundCloud to MP3 converter. Simply copy the URL of the SoundCloud soundtrack and paste it in the field provided on Keevi’s SoundCloud to MP3 converter page. Click “Download” and save the MP3 on your PC or mobile.

How Do You Download SoundCloud Songs To Your Computer For Free?

Keevi’s SoundCloud to MP3 is free for life. You only need to paste the SoundCloud track’s URL on the field provided on our website. Then hit “Download.” Once Keevi extracts the MP3 from the SoundCloud song, download it on your computer.

Why You Need a SoundCloud to MP3 Converter For Your Content ?

SoundCloud has over 272 million users with a monthly audience of about 175 million people. Active monthly users of the platform are 76 million.

The considerable interest in SoundCloud is a reflection of the quality of soundtracks you can find on the platform. And the fact that some of these tracks are free to download even makes it better.

You can use Keevi to convert the music files on SoundCloud to MP3. Use the MP3s as background music in your audio files, podcasts, and videos.  

People love music—Americans spend about 26.9 hours every week listening to music. And experts say music can evoke 13 types of emotions in your audience. 

For these reasons, you can be sure that using music in your content will:

  • Drive engagement.
  • Build your audience.
  • Encourage your audience to heed your CTAs.
  • Get your audience to remember your message.

Why Use Keevi?

  • The Keevi SoundCloud to MP3 converter is free for life. You can download as many soundtracks as you need without paying a penny.
  • The tool is lightweight and user-friendly. You get to convert SoundCloud to MP3 without any difficulties or glitches.
  • You don’t have to endure a lengthy registration or signup process. Simply paste the SoundCloud URL and hit the download button.
  • We provide a safe and secure SoundCloud to MP3 converter.
  • The SoundCloud to MP3 converter comes with an ultra-fast downloading speed.

How Does Keevi Compare to Other SoundCloud to MP3 Converting Software 

Keevi Other SoundCloud to MP3 Converter Software
A completely free online tool. Requires registration, signup, or subscriptions to convert SoundCloud to MP3. You will also need to make complex software and app downloads.
The downloaded MP3 file is high-quality. The software interferes with the quality of the soundtrack.
It is browser-based. The SoundCloud to MP3 converter can work on any operating system and any device with a browser. The software may be incompatible with some operating systems.
An intuitive user interface. You can convert SoundCloud to MP3 in a few clicks. A complex user interface. You need to be tech-savvy to convert SoundCloud to MP3.
Keevi’s SoundCloud to MP3 converter comes with a powerful editing studio. You can convert the downloaded MP3 to text and add plenty of engaging features like emojis. Only provides the SoundCloud to MP3 feature.

Some Tips For Converting SoundCloud to MP3

  • It’s recommended to only use the SoundCloud to MP3 converter on tracks where the owner has provided download permissions.
  • It’s best only to download soundtracks that are in the public domain. 

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