How to Flip a Video?

Sometimes you can record a video and later find that it is either upside down or inverted (like reflections you see in a mirror). This can be frustrating, considering that it is not capturing your initial and correct intention for the video. It is hard to watch a video that is upside down. On the other hand, you can record a video and rotate it to 90 degrees or 180 degrees, meaning that you want to flip a video to become vertical or horizontal. There are video flipper software tools that you can use to flip a video. However, you need to download the software and have some knowledge of using the tools. 

Fortunately, with just a few clicks, you can flip video using Keevi. Video editors need to learn how to flip a video to convey different messages and create exciting illusions for their viewers. Many people are using this powerful video flipper to mirror videos online free of charge. If you want to learn how to invert video in three simple steps, read on! 

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How Do I Flip a Video?

Shooting a video is simple for most people. However, not all videos that you shoot come out the way you wanted. Sometimes you can tilt your device or invert by mistake. You, therefore, end up with a video that has the wrong face angle. It can even be upside down or, as mentioned earlier, literally inverted. This is when you need a powerful video flipping app that will allow you to correct these anomalies. There is no other better tool to flip videos apart from Keevi, even if you do not have prior training on how to invert video online.

In other instances, you can flip a video for gimmicks, for fun, or emphasise specific messages and illusions to your viewers. You can flip videos to create special effects that convey different messages to your audiences. Use Keevi to flip a video upside down, creating exciting effects that mesmerize your audience, making them wonder and ask, “how do I flip a video like that?” Keevi has everyone covered, even if they do not have any prior knowledge of how to flip video.


Step 1: Upload Video

To mirror a video, you need to upload it to the Keevi mirror video editor by clicking either the “Get Started” or “Upload Video” button. There are five methods through which you can have your video ready for flipping;

  1. Browse and upload from your device

Click on the “Browse” button. This allows you to search your device for the video you want from where it is saved on your PC or smartphone. Once you upload, you can flip video from the video flip features provided.

Keevi supports many video formats;

  1. Mp4
  2. MOV
  3. AVI
  4. FLV
  5. WebM
  1. Extract Video already posted on YouTube

This is how to flip a video from YouTube. Get the URL of the video you want to flip. Insert the URL in the space provided as shown. Keevi will automatically locate the video from YouTube and make it available. You can now use this video flipping app to work on your YouTube video.

  1. Record a new video using Keevi

Click or press the “Record” button. Record a video, and it will be available on the video flipper to work on it. 

  1. Use stock videos available on Keevi

Keevi has a vast collection of free stock videos that you can choose from to mirror video online. Press or click on the “Stock Videos” button to access thousands of free stock videos. Choose one and start using the free video flipper. 

  1.  Use sample video provided by Keevi

Use the sample video provided to learn how to invert video. To do this, click on the “ or use a sample video” button from the Keevi homepage, as shown above. 

Step 2 of How to Mirror a Video - Use Flip and Rotate Buttons

There are two methods of how to mirror a video,  flip video and create a video flip masterpiece using Keevi.  

  • Using video flipper bar (video rotation bar)
  • Using video flipper buttons can use the video flipper bar to adjust video rotation to any degree and angle that you wish. This is by dragging the pointer towards the left or the right. In this way, you can flip video horizontally, vertically or upside down. 

Alternatively, you can use the two buttons provided. The first one allows you to flip and invert video left to right and vice versa. The next one will enable you to flip a video upside down and vice versa. 

In addition to letting you mirror videos online, Keevi also allows you to do the following;

  • Choose whether you want the video to fit the canvas or fit the screen using the video transformation tools provided on the mirror video editor. 
  • Change the aspect ratio of the video.
  • Flip only parts of the video (specific frames you can create by cutting or trimming) instead of flipping the whole video. 

Step 3 of How to Mirror a Video - Export

Once you are satisfied with your mirror video project, you can export and have your video ready to download or save within seconds. You can also share it on social media directly from the mirror video editor.


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Have any questions?

Will Keevi let me flip video horizontally?

Keevi is a fast yet simple tool that lets you flip video horizontally online.

Is there a free video flipper?

Keevi is an entirely free tool that you can use as a video flipper to flip video of any format.

Can I mirror video online?

You can flip video online by using Keevi. As video flipper, Keevi does not require any video editing training, unlike other standard tools you can use.

How to flip a video?

You can learn how to rotate a video easily by using Keevi. This is a free online video rotating tool that is easy to use and perfect for editing and rotating videos.

Why Flip Video?

Videos are essential in creating social media buzz. If your video is incorrectly inverted, you may lose out on viewership. Users spend 100 million hours daily watching videos on Facebook alone. 

15% of the content is a video on Facebook. This shows that video content is extremely popular on social media. Flip video to make it attractive to your friends and followers on Facebook.

Why Use Keevi to Flip Video 

  • Easy and fast to flip videos
  • Huge collection of free stock videos to choose from 
  • You do not need to download any software.

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