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How to Cut Video on iPhone in Three Easy Ways

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs 

The iPhone stands head and shoulders above many of its competitors and for a reason - it offers a lot of features which are easier to use even for a tech novice.  

For video shooting and editing on iPhone there are third-party apps and built-in methods that do not require installing an application on your device. Cutting a video, the act of removing unwanted sections from a video can be done easily by following a few simple steps.

This blog will help you cut a video effortlessly on your iPhone. 

How to Cut a Video on iPhone with the Photos App

You may not know this, but aside from being a home for the photos and videos on your device, the Photos app has editing functions too. It has its limitations like trimming a clip is the only type of cutting you can do with the app (more on this later), still it is one of the best ways to cut an iPhone video.

Using Photos, you can cut videos for Instagram posts or stories. You can also use it to streamline your storage space by saving only relevant parts of filmed clips.

Furthermore, the Photos app syncs with all your Apple devices. So you can edit videos taken with other iPhones or your tablet on one device.

Without further ado, here is how to cut a video on iPhone with the Photos app.

STEP 1 - Launch Photos

Like you’ve always done to check your pictures and videos, open the Photos app.

If you are not a regular Photos user, you can find it by scrolling through your list of apps or simply searching “photos,” as shown below.

STEP 2 - Select the video you want to Edit

The next thing you need to do is find the video you want to cut inside the gallery.

When you do, it should have a video icon in the thumbnail like the one below.

Select it and tap the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen to open the editing functions.

STEP 3 - Cut the Video

Remember, trimming is the only form of cutting you can do on the Photos app. This means you can only cut out the start and end of the clip.

If this is what you want to do, drag the yellow handles at the bottom of the screen to the part you want to keep.

Tap and drag the first handle to the left or right to trim out parts of the beginning. 

Do the same for the second handle to trim out the end.

To check that you selected the appropriate sections, tap the play button to preview the clip.

If you like what you see and need zero adjustments, click Done.

STEP 4 - Save the Edited Clip

When you hit Done, the app will give you two options to save the clip

  • Save Video or Trim Original
  • Save as New Clip

Save Video will overwrite the unedited version and keep the edited one. If your app says “Trim Original,” you are likely using an older Photos version. However, it means the same thing.

Save as New Clip will save the trimmed clip as a different file, keeping the original intact.

After saving the clip, you can simply keep it saved or share it online or with family and friends.

How to Cut a Video in iMovie with iPhone

Of the two native editing functions on the iPhone, iMovie is the most robust video editing app.  The Apple software allows you to do a lot more cutting than simply trimming the video.

You can cut parts from the middle, merge the clip with another one, change aspect ratios or apply different types of effects. It is even possible to split the clip into parts and rearrange the order of appearance.

Yet, none of these features make iMovie a complicated tool to cut a video on iPhone. It is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that makes it uncomplicated enough for anyone, regardless of their skill level.

Intrigued enough? Here is a quick breakdown of how to use the app to cut your iPhone videos.

STEP 1 - Launch the App and Start a New Project

iMovie usually comes with iOS, so even if you have never used it, it should be on your device. However, if you don’t, install the latest version from here.

After installing the app, launch it to begin a new editing project by tapping the large + button.

You will see two options, Movie or Trailer. Select Movie.

STEP 2 - Import the Video

When you tap Movie, the app will open your media to select the video you want to cut.

Select the video and tap ‘Create Movie’ at the bottom of the screen to import it into the iMovie editor.

STEP 3 - Cut the Video

Here is where the magic happens. Once the video import is complete, the playback cursor will automatically be at the end of the video.

To select the timestamp you want to cut out, you have to drag the cursor to the relevant point in the video, i.e., to the left of the default position.

Once you have the playback cursor in the correct timestamp, tap the timeline. It is the general area with frames from the video.

It will bring up the buttons for the actions you can perform in the editor.

When you see it, select the cut button. It is the scissors icon at the lower end of the screen.

Next, tap Split to cut the video at the specified timestamp.

When you hit Split, the editor will cut the video into two distinct parts. 

If you want to remove everything in the separated parts, press the Delete button on the screen to remove it from the timeline.

However, if you want to cut out a smaller portion, repeat the Splitting process by dragging the timestamp to the start/end time of the unwanted section.

The video will be divided into three parts, with the unwanted parts isolated from the rest. Now, press Delete.

Made a mistake? Use the button at the edge of the timeline to undo your past actions.

When you finish cutting out the video, tap Done at the upper left corner of the screen.

STEP 4 - Save the Video

After completing the edit, the next thing is saving the video.

When you hit Done, you should see a screen with three action buttons. Select the middle one (Share button).

It will open up a list of actions, including an option to save the video.

Tap Save Video to save the edited video to your device. You will be able to find it in the Photos app mentioned earlier.

With this, you have successfully cut a video on your iPhone using iMovie.

How to Cut an iPhone Video with InShOt

InShOt is a great app to install on your iPhone if you want to do a lot more than cutting the video. It is rich in video editing features, such as —

  • Video trimming, splitting, and cutting
  • Filters and effects
  • Background music and sound effects
  • Stickers and contextual texts
  • Slow-motion
  • Photo and Video Collage

Aside from a long list of features, the app has a minimal learning curve, if any at all. All you have to do is download and install and you will be cutting videos on your iPhone in no time. You can download it from here.

Furthermore, InShOt works on all types of iPhones and iPads, as long as the device’s iOS is version 11 and above.

Here is how to use it to cut videos on your iPhone.

STEP 1 - Import the Video

The first thing you have to do is import the video into the editor. So, click the Video option in the app’s start screen under Create New.

Like iMovie, the app will automatically open a gallery for you to select the piece of media you intend to edit.

You can choose one video or several if you wish to cut and merge multiple videos.

When you select the video, you will see a green checkmark at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to import the video into the editor.

STEP 2 - Cut the Video

The next thing is the actual cutting. The function is within the Trim action. Tap Trim in the action panel above the timeline to access it.

Clicking Trim will take you to an editing screen where you can either Trim, Cut, and Split the video, as shown below.

Tap the Cut option.

Just like cutting with the Photos app, drag the sliders over the parts you want to remove from the clip.

When you finish, tap the check mark button to return to the main editing window.

STEP 3 - Save the Video

The final step is saving the video after cutting. Like every step so far, it is pretty simple.

Once you are back in the main editing video, all you have to do is tap the export button at the top of the screen.

When you do, select the preferred quality you wish to save it in and follow the prompt.

That’s it. You have successfully used InShOt to cut video on an iPhone.

Is Cutting the Same as Trimming or Splitting on an iPhone?

Yes, and no. Here is a breakdown of their differences and the apps that best suit each action.


While trimming is a form of cutting, they are not the same in video editing. Trimming involves removing a part of the beginning/start or the end of a video.

It means redefining the first and last thing your audience sees when they view the video.

iMovie, Photos, and InShOt are all useful tools if this is what you want to achieve with your iPhone.


You can think of splitting as a pre-cut action before you ultimately cut a section of a video.

It involves separating a clip into multiple sections to make editing easier or remove a part from it.

iMovie and InShOt are effective tools for this.


Cutting is used when the unwanted part of the video is in the middle. It involves dividing a clip into a minimum of three places before removing the unnecessary middle section. 

You can also use it to insert additional clips into a video.

To cut like this, you first have to split the clip before cutting out the undesired part.

Photos is not capable of this type of cutting, but iMovie and InShOt are excellent alternatives.

Tips on How to Cut a Video on iPhone 6 and other models

Here are a few tips to help you cut a video on your iPhone professionally and efficiently.

  1. Double-check the video before exporting

Replaying a video several times may seem like a waste of time, but doing so, especially before you export after editing, helps you avoid irreversible mistakes.

If you export without double-checking, you may have to start the process all over again.

  1. Always export in the highest possible quality

Apps like iMovie and InShOt allow you to choose different output qualities. It is always better to export in the highest possible quality, which tends to be 720p, 1080p, or higher.

Exporting in high resolutions preserves the clarity of your video, guaranteeing that most people can view it properly on any device.

  1. Use a storyboard for greater accuracy

Cutting a video can be final, which is why knowing exactly where to cut before you begin is better for accuracy and efficiency.

Therefore, documenting a clear vision of what you want the final video to look like before you start cutting is highly advisable. 

Wrapping it Up

Cutting a video on an iPhone is easy. It requires no background video editing knowledge, thanks to a couple of great native and third-party apps.

In this blog, we discussed how to use three of them. Photos is great for cutting the beginning and end of a video. iMovie and InShot are suitable for cutting out the middle sections of a clip and adding effects.

For more tutorials on video editing on your iPhone and Mac devices, visit our learning page.

Hammad Akbar
Hammad Akbar
September 12, 2021