What Saksham Sharda Of Outgrow Learnt From 30 Product Hunt Launches

Saksham Sharda, Creative Director at Outgrow joins Hammad Akbar in this episode of Launch Legends

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Key Takeaways:

How Outgrow started

The founders of Outgrow were running a mobile app development company. They made a calculator to calculate how much it costs to make an app and the calculator calculated the cost by asking 10 questions related to the app. They embedded it on their website and it helped them to generate a lot of leads. From there on, founders came up with an idea of Outgrow to help people create interactive marketing tools to boost their lead generation. Initially, Outgrow was launched on Product Hunt and Hacker News to gauge the interest of the people before developing it further.

PH launch method

Saksham has done around 30 launches for Outgrow on Product Hunt. The method they use to launch the product on Product Hunt is to first analyze the trend on Product Hunt and then make a product around that trend. For Outgrow, their social media manager is responsible for analyzing the trend on PH and conveying the relevant information to the marketing team to create a product around it. Implementing the same strategy, they launched a gender pay gap calculator on International Women’s Day which brought a lot of leads and was among the top 5 products on the Product Hunt.

Capitalizing the situation

During the Covid-19, restaurants in Europe were badly affected due to their closure. High end restaurants which were not offering takeaways were looking for a solution to streamline their new takeaway operation. Saksham capitalized on the situation by creating a POS system on Outgrow for the restaurants. It went really well and in the short span of time other restaurants started using Outgrow to streamline their takeaways. 

Advice for marketers

To launch a product on Product Hunt, first understand what your product is and what problem it solves. Then, look for marketing trends as marketers are nowadays deriving strategies not from what other marketers are doing but from key marketing trends prevalent in the world.

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