Using Personalized Video To Recruit Affiliates With Ryan Phillips Of Interactr

Ryan Phillips, Co-Founder at Interactr joins Hammad Akbar in this episode of Launch Legends Podcast.

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Key Takeaways:

Understanding his internal value structures

Ryan was a martial arts instructor and his only career plans were to establish his own martial arts school.  He then took a life coaching session with Coach Ina which helped Ryan to transition into internet marketing. Coach Ina helped Ryan to identify his internal value structure which he initially thought were respect, power, money etc. On the contrary, it turned out this his core values were actually adventure, excitement, growth and contribution.

Coach Ina predicted that if he opened up a martial arts school. He would either have a successful martial arts school but would be unhappy and he would not know why or he will end up self-sabotaging because it would not hit his internal value. 

How mentor helps you achieve faster

When Ryan decided to enter into internet marketing, he started looking for mentors who could guide him. Ryan joined Alex Jeffreys coaching program, this taught him how to use information products as a front end customer acquisition strategy to then sell high ticket coaching on the back end. Ryan implemented this strategy and created his own coaching program that intended to teach martial arts instructors on how to better run their business.

How to recruit affiliates with personalized video messages

Ryan contacted potential affiliates prior to his launch of a video making course. To get affiliates on board, he made around 200 personalized videos and sent them to affiliates to promote his launch. It turned out to be a successful strategy as around 20 affiliates agreed to promote his product... keeping in mind Ryan was not a renowned internet guru at that time. From this launch, Ryan got around 360 customers and earned $8500 with 50% of this going to his affiliates.

Creating information products to help promote your software

Ryan created information products that were related to his video software to increase revenue from his customers. Ryan followed Russell Brunson’s strategy of creating information products and coaching programs around software to encourage people to use that software whilst also making revenue. Ryan’s Interactr product, an interactive video platform, generated $340k in a four day launch, again with 50% being paid out to affiliates and $35k being awarded as prizes, this was the biggest launch of his career in internet marketing 

Using paid advertising to scale his business 

After the launch, Ryan then started investing in paid advertising to grow monthly recurring revenue. He spent $40k on paid ads in March that brought in $70k in revenues, in April he spent $76k on paid ads, showing impressions to 2 million people, generating 732 front end customers with cost per acquisition of $105 and a $158 average cart value. This netted Ryan a total of $40K net profit in the month of April just from paid advertising.

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