Networking To Launch Success With Paul O'Keeffe

Paul O'Keefe, joins Hammad Akbar in this episode of Launch Legends Podcast

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Key Takeaways:

Paul’s journey into internet marketing

A while back, Paul was working with Mark Lyford mining bitcoins. Mark was establishing a software company with Richard Fairbairn who was an internet marketing guru at that time. Mark needed a JV manager for his company and asked Mark to give him a chance to take this role, Paul took this role and worked successfully with Richard Fairburn as a JV manager and they both got along really well. 

Mark had a bad year so he went out of the business then Richard offered Paul to continue to work with him as JV manager. Since then Richard and Paul have done around 18 launches so far, out of which 90 % were SaaS apps and the rest were information products. 

The power of events and networking

Paul considers networking and attending affiliate marketing events key to finding good affiliates. He believes that only 10 to 20 good affiliates will bring 80 % of sales during a launch and networking is essential to find these affiliates. The three big launches that Paul has done which grossed over $200k were done after meeting affiliates at events. Those events helped him to build a relationship with potential partners. 

Paul had also used personalized videos to onboard potential affiliates for a launch. He used to make around 30 short videos every day to be sent to potential affiliates. Personalized short videos proved to be a success for him as it helped him stand out from standard generic emails. 

First launch generated 240K in one week

Paul earned around $240k in one week from the first launch that generated around 3000 customers. In the second launch, he managed to gross $260k in one week. Paul and his partner Richard Fairburn used small launches to build an email list which was then used during larger launches.

Be careful with payment processors

Paul advised internet marketers to be careful with payment processors. He lost around $20k worth of sales during one of his launches as PayPal suspended their account due to unusually large volume transactions. From then on, Paul notified the PayPal team about the upcoming launch, so that they knew beforehand and if any problem occurred, it could be resolved immediately. He also advised marketers to have more than one payment processor to act as a backup.

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