From $100 Per Month To Seven Figures Through Launches With Tom Gaddis Of Offline Sharks

Tom Gaddis, Co-Founder at Offline Sharks joins Hammad Akbar in this episode of Launch Legends

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Key Takeaways:

Tom’s journey into online marketing

Tom is originally from Oklahoma. He was working as a restaurant manager and desperately wanted to get out of this lifestyle. Tom was building affiliate sites in free time with Cost Per Action offers. He created a website on how to make money by taking surveys online and it started generating $100 a month. 

So, he decided this is what he would do to earn money. However, he could not scale it. A person approached Tom and asked him to use his experience of digital marketing that he learned over the years and start reaching out to small businesses to provide them digital marketing services. Tom did that and immediately got few clients. 

Later on, he moved to Maui and the plan was to build his own digital marketing agency. But he needed a job to sustain his family, so he started doing a job in another restaurant but after 8 months, he was fired from the job. Then, Tom decided to formally start his own digital marketing agency which he always wanted to do. 

His first product launch

Tom launched his first product named as Coupon Cash Mailer System on Warrior Plus with the help of a partner who taught him how to set up a sales funnel, how to create a sales page and how to put up an offer. To find affiliates to promote the course, Tom started reaching out to people from whom he previously bought the products. 

Two of them who were big affiliates in the online marketing space agreed to promote his product. It was priced at $12.95, and they sold 2000 copies of it in just 4 days. At the end of the launch, the total revenue they generated was around $6k. Now, they are generating over 7 figures just from the information products.

Tom’s product launch process

Tom did a partnership with Nick Ponte in 2016 and established a company with the name Offline Sharks. Over the time they have refined their product launch process. Now, they run a webinar at the end of the launch to maximize their revenue. 

They have started to create a product around a webinar so anybody who buys a product is automatically registered for the webinar and with the help of the webinar they have started to convert more. Another strategy they are using is to place a previous launched product in the sales funnel of a new product at a discounted price to create an incentive for the people to buy the product at a lower price. 

Advice to new marketers

Tom’s advice for new marketers is that one does not need to portray himself as an expert, you need to be a person that has the results and is willing to share your experience of how you achieved those results. That way, people can relate to you more.

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