Designer Behind Successful Launches With Ricky Leyva Of Pixel Graffiti

Ricky Leyva, Founder at Pixel Graffiti joins Hammad Akbar in this episode of Launch Legends Podcast

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Key Takeaways:

Ricky’s journey into online marketing 

Ricky is a designer by profession. He has 20 years of experience in graphic designing. Initially, Ricky was dealing with traditional brick and mortar businesses but later on he found it difficult to get new clients. So, he decided to turn to the internet marketing space. 

Ricky took the start from Warrior Forum when he started posting some designs on Warrior Forum and people really liked his designs. He started getting work from Warrior Forum and then moved his way up to the bigger clients. Initially, Ricky focused on building his reputation and name on the Warrior Forum without focusing on how much money he gets by providing his services. Within months, Ricky was among the top designers on the Warrior Forum. 

Ricky’s recent launch

Ricky designed the funnel for SmartVideo Revolution which is a personalized video tool. Sales funnel he designed included a front end sales page, 4 one time offers and thank you page at the end. The launch went really well.

A successful launch sequence

A successful launch sequence according to Ricky has a good copy as without a good copy a product cannot be sold. Another thing that a successful launch sequence must have is a strong designer to display that copy visually. To launch a product successfully, one must also have prior experience of how to structure their offer. 

Ricky’s advice to new marketers

Ricky’s advice to new marketers is to offer a lot of value at the front end without asking for money straight away. It helps to build trust which helps in getting that client later on. The difference between a great launch and a bad launch is the organization. It is important to have your end goal in mind and prepare everything beforehand to pull off a big product launch. He also suggested hiring someone as a consultant who has experience in product launches.

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