A $80k In 5 Days with Ken Bluttman of Puzzle Book Mastery

Ken Bluttman, Founder at Puzzle Book Mastery joins Hammad Akbar in this episode of Launch Legends Podcast

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Key Takeaways:

Transition From writing Career to Programming

Ken started as a sales person and reached up to sales manager in a publishing company. He himself is a writer and has written many programming books. Ken’s transition to programming happened when he as a sales manager wanted some sales reports but every time the IT department handed him some wrong reports. Frustrated by this, he learned programming himself and started creating sales reports. At that time, he realized he could make more money in programming as compared to publishing. 

A $ 80k product launch

Ken launched several products such as training courses and PDF products but they did not sell enough. He always had an interest in puzzles so he decided to make a product around his interest. So, he launched another product called Puzzle Book Mastery which helped users to create puzzle books in seconds. It turned out to be a great product. During the 5 day launch, Ken managed to earn around $80K out of which 50% went to his affiliates. Since then, Ken has sold 5000 copies of Puzzle Book Mastery

Strategy to onboard hundreds of Affiliates 

Ken knew some big affiliates before as he had been buying products from them. When Ken developed Puzzle Book Mastery, he contacted them through facebook and  gave it to affiliates to try that product. It turned out to be a masterstroke. Affiliates really liked his product and created alot of buzz in the affiliate world. The word of mouth generated from the trial helped Ken to onboard hundreds of affiliates and to launch big.

Great Product holds the Key

Ken believes that having a product that works properly is essential for launching big. Most people fail to generate money from the launches as their products are not up to high standards. 

Ken’s advice to newcomers

Ken advised newcomers that they must have a belief in themselves that they can do it. All other things do not matter and they should not get dejected by the failures instead they should learn from them.

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