2,000 customers In A Week With Abhi Dwivedi Of ReelApps

Abhi Dwivedi, Founder at ReelApps joins Hammad Akbar in this episode of Launch Legends

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Key Takeaways:

Abhi’s journey into online marketing

Abhi started as a freelancer when he was just 14 years old. He used to make WordPress websites for his client and he first earned $600 by making a video streaming website for his client. He got into Cost Per Action marketing in 2006 and started generating six to seven thousand dollars every two weeks. In 2008, he got into product launches and launched his first product.

The first product launch

The first product Abhi created was a WordPress plugin which helps people monetize their blogs through Amazon. To launch the product, Abhi worked with a mentor Martin Crumlish. Martin helped him with the creation of sales funnel, sales video and sales copy. The offer had three upsells and the first upsell was a pro-version of a plugin which enabled users to install a plugin in more than one blog whereas Abhi set $5000 worth of prizes for JV partners. He had an email list of 5000 people which he used to launch his product. In the first week of product launch, Abhi generated 2000 sales and earned around 100k in revenue.

Abhi’s flagship product

In 2013, Abhi started working on a video marketing tool to make it easier for the people to make videos. He mapped out 10 different products each solving a different problem. In 2017, Abhi launched the first version of the product and since then, Abhi has done 10 product launches which address various problems related to video making. Most of the launches Abhi did had a recurring product in the funnel which helped him to convert one time customers into recurring customers. The product launch he did in 2016 generated 2000 sales out of which 1200 of them were active users and about 60% of them converted into recurring customers. 

Abhi’s advice to newcomers

Abhi’s advice to newcomers is to always look for a problem you can solve and try to over deliver. Once you have developed a great product that solves a specific problem, you don’t need to worry about persuasive sales copy or flashy sales video because it would sell all by itself.

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